Information for Parents

The first important thing to understand as a parent is that CCYB is NOT the only competitive basketball program in town.  Concord Recreation runs a program at Hunt Gym from January to March that requires less commitment, along with clinics in the fall.  CCYB and Concord Recreation are not affiliated, but we try to support each other in communicating our programming.  It’s typically not possible to play both Concord Recreation basketball and CCYB Travel Basketball.  If you can’t make 100% of the commitment to CCYB, please play in the Concord Recreation league.

For information about the program, check out:

We've recorded videos and posted them to Google Drive to help parents learn how to operate both the scoreboard and the scorebook.  Check them out!


We need three things from our parents:

1. A Good Example – Follow the Code of Conduct.  Let your player know that you are there to watch them have fun and work hard, and reinforce CCYB messaging of Effort, Attitude, and Teamwork.  NEVER comment negatively about coaches, referees, or other players. 

2. Your Courtesy – Every year, we remind parents that CCYB is a competitive program and requires full commitment at practices and games.  Please get your kids to their commitments regularly and on time.  Carpools are typical given the weekend travel and families juggling multiple kids.

3. Your Time – Everybody is busy, including all of us who run CCYB.  The reality is that we can’t run the program without volunteers.  If you have basketball experience, help coach.  If you travel for work, you can still help by planning practices, helping manage the bench or the scoring table at games, etc.  If you don’t have basketball experience, you can help with marketing, with equipment, or with general organizational skills.  We always need help managing Quickbooks and helping organize things for our accountant.