Gym Set Up

Coaches who are the home team at the first game of the day should plan on arriving at the gym a minimum of 30-45 minutes before gametime to set up.  If you are the last team to have a game that day (check the schedule), please break down the gym.  If you have any issues, use the contact numbers on the Gym Contacts page or below.  If you can't resolve the issue, please escalate to Marc Caruso at 978-618-7906 or Tom Isenberg at 617-480-4961.

Setup Procedures (Regular Season)

Remember that for all home games, the home team is responsible for both the scorebook and the scoreboard!  Try to organize this in advance to avoid firedrills.  The refs are usually helpful with scoreboard operation if you get stuck.  Both teams usually have someone doing their books at each game, but the home team has the official scorebook.  Feel free to encourage collaboration with the other person doing the book if you think you may have discrepancy with point, fouls, etc.

Setup Procedures (Playoffs)

For any CC playoff games, follow the guidelines for regular season above.  For non-CC teams, the lower seed is the home team and should have someone operate the scoreboard and the official scorebook.  If a CCHS student is operating the scoreboard, the lower seed book is the home team and the book of record

Fenn Setup

We only rent the main gym.  The small gym and all other areas of the facility other than the bathrooms are off limits on game days.  Please make sure you make an announcement before the game that parking is not allowed on Carr Road or in the semi-circle, and that violators risk being towed.



  • Unlock the gym building if it's not already open.  (Check that you have the key the night before!!!)
  • If the lights are off, the switch is just to the right on the wall through the gym door.
  • Set up the scoring table and three chairs if they are not already in place.
  • The controller for the Fenn scoreboard is in the office (and can be opened with your key).  Plug it in and test the Fenn scoreboard.  Be sure to put a blanket underneath it to eliminate static discharge (the blanket is in the office).


  • Put the scoreboard controller back in the case and put it in the office.  Make sure the office is locked.
  • If you are the last game of the day, make sure the gym door is locked. 

Carlisle Corey Gym Setup

The entrance to Corey Gym is to the left of the school (i.e., don't walk up the stairs).


  • The gym should already be unlocked by the custodian when you arrive, and the bleachers should be pulled out.
  • There is a table and folding chairs when you walk into the gym entrance to the left of the trophy case.  Set up the scorers table with three chairs on the opposite side of the court from the bleachers.
  • Set up the portable CCYB Scoreboard.  It's located on top of the refrigerator in room C011 on the right hand wall of the gym when you walk in.  All you have to do is plug it in.  Vendor instructions on how to operate/setup are here.
  • There are folding chairs in the hallway to the right of the gym.  Wheel a set into the gym.  You can set up 8-10 chairs on each side of the scoring table for each team's bench.


  • Put away the scoreboard and put it back on top of the refrigerators.
  • Put away the folding table and chairs.

Middlesex School Setup

There are two courts for Middlesex -- the JV court is on the left, and Varsity court is on the right.  The team on the JV Court should set up that side of gym, and the team on the Varsity Court should set up that side of the gym.  No one else is allowed to use the gym facilities during our rentals, including Middlesex students.  Please tell anyone trying to play at the far end of the gym that they are not allowed to play while we are using the courts.  There are wood-legged chairs in the lobby of the Middlesex gym that must not be used, as they scrape the floor.



  • The gym should already be unlocked by the custodian when you arrive.  
  • There is a gray closet to the left of the basketball office that needs to be unlocked.  It holds the folding chairs and scoreboards.
    • If it is not unlocked, find the operations site manager (usually located in the Zamboni office in the ice rink - back right corner office near the double doors.  Knock loudly)
  • Pull out the bleachers for the Varsity Court.  
  • Move the movable bleachers for the JV court to the far aside of the gym along the baseline.  
  • Set up the scoring tables, chairs, and benches.
    • There are folding chairs in the closet.  There are other folding chairs and the scoring tables in the back of the gym.  
    •  Varsity scoring table and benches should be set up in the middle of the gym.
    • JV scoring table and benches should be set up along the far wall (i.e., not the middle)
  • Pull the curtain between the two gyms to separate the spaces.  
  • Set up the scoreboards. 


  • Put the Middlesex chairs carefully back on the chair caddy
  • Put the tables and any other folding chairs back where you found them in the rear of the gym
  • Put away the scoreboards in the storage closet.  
  • JV Court: Move the bleachers back against the far interior wall. 

Issues?  Find the operations manager on site, who will most likely be around the hockey rink or in the Zamboni room.


Sanborn Middle School Setup

Sanborn is easy to set up.  The scoring table and benches (folding chairs) should already be lined up by the custodian just in front of the bleachers.  Simply plug in the scoreboard to the extension cord next to the bleachers, plug one end of the 1/4" cable into the scoreboard and the other into the 1/4" jack underneath the right bleachers, plug in the start/stop clock controller, type in "11" and then "Enter" to activate the scoreboard, and you should see a "0" score and "8:00" on the clock.  If the chairs are not set up, they are located in a storage closet in the gym.  Find the custodian to open the door if it is locked.

At the end of the game, please be sure to pick up any trash that spectators may have left behind.

CCHS Setup

The custodian should have opened up the bleachers and have the scoreboard controller ready.  If not, find them and ask them to open the storage closet to get the scoreboard.  Enter "11" on the scoreboard controller to enter basketball mode.

At the end of the game, please put away the scoreboard and make sure the storage closet is locked.  Please pick up any trash that spectators may have left behind.