About CCYB

Concord-Carlisle Youth Basketball (CCYB) was founded in 2013 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with a goal of teaching kids basketball skills, sportsmanship, and respect for athletic competition.  We are a volunteer-managed and run organization led by a Board of Directors and assisted by many dedicated coaches.  Our by-laws can be found here.  Want to lend your talents?  Basketball knowledge is not necessary – we need people with knowledge of marketing, bookkeeping, and who are good at organizing!  Click here to e-mail the CCYB Board about volunteering.  We are actively recruiting for a new Clerk and a new Treasurer and could use your help!


Who We Are

Today, CCYB provides a more intensive, structured basketball experience to boys and girls in the towns of Concord and Carlisle.  We run a travel basketball program in the Metrowest Basketball League in the winter season from November to March, as well as clinics and open gyms throughout the year. 

We endeavor to be a reference source for all things basketball, and provide our members with current information on local programs, including those run by Concord Recreation, for-profit AAU-style programs, and our high school coaches.  However, CCYB is not formally affiliated with the Concord Recreation Basketball Program, third-party training organizations, or third-party AAU-style programs. 

The Metrowest Basketball League is made up of over 70 towns and 1,100 teams throughout Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 


CCYB’s philosophy is to encourage self-esteem in our players through positive reinforcement, foster skill development through individual and team drills, and develop a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie as kids go through each season and through the program.  Basketball is a team sport, and we endeavor to remind our players of this at every opportunity.  Our message to our players is simple, and focuses on controlling those things that are within their power to control: 1) Effort, 2) Attitude, and 3) Teamwork.


Players should practice hard and play hard.  Spots on teams and playing time are earned and not given.  We put in the time, both on our own and with the team, so we improve our game and we use each small accomplishment as fuel to do better.  We put forth maximum effort at all times, and do not take plays off.  We acknowledge that defense and rebounding can be the difference in winning.  We acknowledge that winning happens or it doesn’t, but it’s what we put into the process that really matters.


Keeping a positive attitude is a key to getting through the rough spots in life.  Basketball can be a streaky sport, with good games and bad games and emotional ups and downs.  We are patient with, and demonstrate respect to, ourselves, our teammates, our coaches, our opponents, and the referees.  We keep our heads up in the face of adversity and support our teammates at all times.


Nothing is more important than being a good teammate.  That includes helping your teammates get better on the court, helping them up when they fall down physically, and lifting their spirits when they have a tough time emotionally or mentally.  One player, no matter how good they are, cannot win a basketball game by themselves.  Every player has something to contribute to the team, and each player can help the team by emphasizing their particular strengths – defense, rebounding, passing, and hussle all matter as much as scoring the basketball.

CYB follows the practices of the Positive Coaching Alliance.  We believe in positive reinforcement and have zero tolerance for negativity in a practice or a game. 

Health & Safety

  • Safe Kids – Safe Kids Worldwide is nonprofit organization working to help families and communities keep kids safe from injuries. 
  • Concussion Awareness – Check out the link to Safe Kids’ information concussion awareness for parents.
  • Injury Prevention -  Check out the link to Safe Kids’ information on repetitive injury prevention in sports. 
  • CORI – CCYB requires all adult participants to submit to a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check.  Click the link to understand more about the CORI program, or click here for a pre-filled CORI form for CCYB to be cleared to coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got additional questions?  Check out our FAQ page.