CCYB Gymnasia

Concord-Carlisle Youth Basketball uses gym facilities in local private and public schools.  As a non-profit organization, our partnerships with local private schools are essential in keeping our program running.  We urge you to please review these rules and follow them, or we will lose the privilege of the facilities.

General Rules for Basketball Courts

  • Wear street shoes to the gym, and have your player change into their basketball shoes before they step on the gym floor.
  • Only the gym and nearest bathrooms should be used.  Other areas of the school buildings should not be entered.
  • Do not open or climb on closed bleachers.
  • If a gym is still being used when you arrive, please wait for the event to finish before entering the gym.
  • For practices at Fenn, Middlesex, and Concord Academy, do not step onto the court until the designated practice time.

Leave the gym in the same or better condition as you entered it.


The Fenn School 

516 Monument Street, Concord MA 01742

Do not turn into the horseshoe driveway (Carr Road). Drive by Carr Road and the playing field and turn right into the upper entrance.  The Fenn School has a very strict parking policy in that there is no parking on Carr Rd (which runs through campus).  Please park in the upper parking lot or the lower parking lot (near the multi-sport turf field).  To view the Fenn School parking map click here.

Middlesex School 

1400 Lowell Road, Concord MA 01742

The gym at Middlesex is located in the back of the school in the same building with the hockey rink.  Use the Athletics Entrance (2nd entrance on right, if coming from Concord Center) to enter campus and follow around to the back.

Carlisle Public Schools – Corey Gym 

83 School Street, Carlisle MA 01741

Enter the Carlisle Public School parking lot from Church Street.

Concord Academy 

166 Main Street, Concord MA 01742

Drop off and parking for Concord Academy is on Main Street next to the library.  No cars should enter the campus.  The gym is located through the East Gate Driveway and is in the second building on the right.

Concord Middle School - Sanborn Gym

835 Old Marlboro Road, Concord MA 01742

Enter the Sanborn gymnasium from the door at the right side of the school near the basketball hoops.  The gym is down the stairs at the opposite side of the cafeteria. 

Concord Middle School - Peabody Gym

1231 Old Marlboro Road, Concord MA 01742

Enter the Carlisle Public School parking lot from Church Street.

Nashoba Brooks School 

200 Strawberry Hill Road, Concord MA 01742

The gym at NBS is in the back of the school and parking is right outside the gym.  Enter the gym from the back parking lot only.  Also, the cafeteria area should not be used during travel practices or games.